In the realm of agricultural exports, Vision Trading Corporation stands tall as a distinguished corporation known for delivering high-quality agricultural products at competitive prices worldwide. With a rich history over years, we have not only thrived in the agro- business but have also witnessed remarkable growth in our clientele.

At Vision Trading Corporation, we firmly believe in turning promises into reality as we continue to meet and exceed expectations across the global agricultural landscape.

“Experience the Future of Agro Products with Vision Trading Corporation”


At Vision Trading Corporation, our mission is to set the highest standards in our products through quality, innovation, reliability, commitment, and cost-efficiency. We strive to consistently deliver products that not only meet but exceed expectations, ensuring customer satisfaction at every step.


Our vision is centered on promoting and strengthening the source at the grassroots level. We are guided by a deep sense of responsibility and ethics, with a commitment to the principle of "growing together”. Vision Trading Corporation envisions a future where the agricultural sector flourishes, and farmers are empowered to achieve new heights of success.

Vision Trading Corporation is not merely a business entity; it is a symbol of trust, quality, and dedication. With an unwavering focus on excellence and a commitment to ethical practices, we continue to be a beacon of success in the agricultural export industry. Choose Vision Trading Corporation as your trusted partner for all your agricultural needs and experience a world of agricultural excellence.

Our Product Range

Under Vision Trading Corporation, we proudly operate under the brand name "Swad Ambar." Our Swad Ambar product line includes a variety of spices and seasonings such as Chicken Masala, Mutton Masala, Chicken Biryani Masala, Garam Masala, Sabji Masala, Chilli Powder, Turmeric Powder, Coriander Powder, Cumin Seeds, Pav Bhaji Masala, and Paneer Masala. In addition to our spices, we specialize in the bulk supply of Onion, Maize, Garlic, Ginger, Jaggery, Black Pepper, and Turmeric. This diverse range of high-quality products positions us as your one-stop solution for premium agricultural offerings.

Our Commitment

At Vision Trading Corporation, our unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled products and services sets us apart in the industry. We take pride in our unique reputation, which is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our employees, as well as the exceptional quality of our offerings. Our dynamic, experienced, and passionate team works tirelessly to maintain a seamless supply chain, ensuring uninterrupted and timely delivery of products while staying true to our promises.

Beyond Trading

Our business philosophy extends beyond mere trading. We believe in empowering and strengthening the very source of our products, right from the grassroots level. This commitment drives us to guide and support farmers in making the right choices when it comes to crops and breeds. We have established direct connections with farmers for sourcing our agri-products, thereby fostering a direct and transparent relationship. Our ultimate goal is to position Vision Trading Corporation as the preferred choice for purchasing agro-products.

Swad Ambar - Our Proud Brand

Under the umbrella of Vision Trading Corporation, we are equally proud to introduce our brand "Swad Ambar”. Swad Ambar represents a line of high-quality spices and seasonings that elevate the flavors of your culinary creations. Our Swad Ambar product range includes Chicken Masala, Mutton Masala, Chicken Biryani Masala, Garam Masala, Sabji Masala, Chilli Powder, Turmeric Powder, Coriander Powder, Cumin Seeds, Pav Bhaji Masala, and Paneer Masala.

Services Offered by Vision Trading Corporation

At Vision Trading Corporation, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your agricultural needs. With our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the agricultural industry.

Our Contact

Thank you for considering Vision Trading Corporation as your trusted partner in the agricultural industry. We value your interest and look forward to assisting you with your agro-product needs. Please feel free to reach out to us through the following contact details.

  • Address : Office no. 1102, 11th Floor, Lakhani Centrium, near Court, Sector 15, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400614
  • Phone: 022 4974 3036 / 022 4960 5735

Sales and Inquiry

For inquiries related to our agricultural products, bulk supplies, and spice and seasoning products under the "Swad Ambar" brand, please contact our sales team. They will be delighted to assist you in finding the right solutions for your requirements.

Farmers' Support

We are committed to supporting farmers and promoting sustainable agriculture. If you are a farmer seeking guidance on crop selection, breeding, or agricultural practices, our experts are here to help. Contact our Farmers' Support team to benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience.

Customer Support

At Vision Trading Corporation, your satisfaction is our priority. If you have any concerns, feedback, or require assistance with our products or services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated Customer Support team.

Business Opportunities

For potential business collaborations, partnership inquiries, or any other business-related matters, our Business Development team is eager to explore opportunities with you. Reach out to discuss how we can work together for mutual growth and success.

Visit us

We welcome you to visit our corporate office to meet our team in person and learn more about our operations. Please schedule an appointment in advance for a personalized experience.

We appreciate your interest in Vision Trading Corporation and the trust you have placed in us. Your inquiries and feedback are essential for us to continually improve and provide the best agricultural products and services. We look forward to connecting with you and embarking on a fruitful partnership.