We are the authorized sub broker with ARHAM WEALTH PVT. LTD. and MOTILAL OSWAL LTD. We at vision trading corporation have analyst with more than 5 yrs. of experience who help us to multiply our investments from share market. We here offer various types of accounts for full time traders with intraday leverage of 10 times and 5 times carry forward leverage. Also, there is facility for swing traders as well as investors. Also, we provide complete education on share market by our experienced analyst for those who are interested in making career in share market.


Our Mission is to make the retailers make consistent profits from share market.


Our vision is to learn and earn collectively by trading into share market

Difference between

trading and Investing

The main difference between trading and investing is that traders jump in and out of stocks within weeks, days, even minutes, with the aim of short-term profits; investors have a longer-term outlook. The goal of investing is to gradually build wealth over an extended period of time through the buying and holding of a portfolio of stocks or baskets of stocks.


of traders

Position Trader

Positions are held from months.

Swing Trader

Positions are held from days to weeks.

Day Trader

Positions are held throughout the day only with no overnight positions.

Scalp Trader

Positions are held for seconds to minutes with no overnight positions.

How does the

share market work?

Share markets bring buyers and sellers together. When both the buyer and the seller place their orders on the stock exchange, the stock market gives best execution to both. For buyers, execution is at lowest available price and for seller it is done at highest available price. Stock markets clear trades which is one of the most important functions. Stock exchanges have their own clearing corporations to clear trades which connect with brokers to ensure that credits, debits, delivery are all handled properly.

What is Risk

Management in Trading?

Risk management in trading is essential to avoid the risk of bearing the losses arising from stock market trade. Risk management involves identification, evaluation and mitigation of risks which usually arise when the market moves in the opposite direction from the expectations.

Best way to manage risk in market is to place a stop loss order where the loss in a particular trade gets defined or to hedge your trade where loss can be defined and position can be carried.




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